Since the last century, China's economy has become the world's top growing economy and thus foreign students gain practical work experience from here. Every year thousands of international students come here not only to study, but also to experience practical knowledge from top Chinese academicians. China is now called the gateway to global opportunity as it has established itself as the world's largest exporter.

A student from China has great access to both the local and global job market in China after completing his studies. So China is becoming a preferred study destination for students worldwide. Do you want to know more about why you want to study in China with scholarship as a Bangladeshi student? Let's read carefully-

Opportunity to study in the world's leading universities -

Already, so many chinese universities are ranked among the world's top 500 universities according to various acceptable rankings. Besides, most universities in China are good for science, technology, medicine, business and engineering subjects; Therefore, if you want to make your career in such a profession then you can study in top universities in China. Below are the some top ranking universities in China that our past students have studied in -

• Peking university.

• Tsinghua university.

• Fudan university.

• Shanghai Jiao Tong university.

• Sun Yat-sen university.

• Nanjing university.

• Wuhan university.

• Huazhong university.


• Harbin Institute of Technology.

• University of Chinese Academy.

• Tianjin university.

• South China University of Technology.

• Sichuan university.

• Renmin university of China.

• Xiamen university.

• Nankai university.

• Beijing Normal University.

• Xi'an Jiaotong university.

• Soochow university.

• Central south university.

• Tongji university.

• Jilin university.

• Beijing institute of technology.

• Southeast University.

• Hunan university.

• East China Normal University.

• East China University of Science and Technology.

• Dalian University of Technology.

Chinese Academy of Chinese.

• New York University Shanghai.

• Jinan University.

• Southern University of Science and Technology.

• Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverppol University.

• Shenzhen University.

• Zhengzhou University.

• Southwest Jiaotong University.

• China University of Mining and Technology.

• Central China Normal University.

• Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

• Chongqing University.

• Hunan Normal University.

• Shandong University of Technology.

• Northwestern Polytechnic University.

• Chang'an University.

• Yangzhou University.

• Zaozhuang University.

• Ningxia medical university.

• Jiangsu University of Science and Technology.

• Ahui University of Technology.

• Civil Aviation University of China.

• Southern Medical University.

• Shanghai Business School.

• Sanghai University of Medicine and Health Science.

Opportunity to study without IELTS -

IELTS is an international standardized english language test of english for non - native english speaking countries. IELTS / other english proficiency tests are mandatory for Bangladeshi students to study in universities in many

countries around the world. But IELTS score is not mandatory to study and get scholarship in most universities in China. Some simple ways to study without IELTS -

• Students can study without IELTS in China, if they have

earned their previous degree in English language.

• Applicants who want to study in China, can apply on behalf of english language proficiency certificate. They need to provide an official declaration or certificate printed on headed and stamped paper as evidence that their previous education was in English language.

• There are numerous top ranking universities in China that do not require IELTS scores to complete applications and admissions. Name of some universities are mentioned below -

  • Fudan University.
  • Fujian University of Technology.
  • Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics.
  • Bohai University.
  • Beihang University.
  • Beijing foresty University.
  • Beijing Institute of Technology.
  • China Medical University.
  • Fujian Medical University.
  • Zhengzhou University.
  • Dalian Medical University.
  • Changchun University of Science and Technology.
  • Changsha University.
  • Zhejiang University of Technology.
  • Northeast Petroleum University.
  • China University of Mining and Technology.
  • Jiangsu University.
  • Beijing Foreign Studies University-International Business School.
  • Nanjing University of Science and Technology.
  • Hangzhou Normal University.
  • Sichuan University.
  • Jiangsu University of Science and Technology.
  • Yangzhou University
  • South China University of Science and Technology.
  • Nanjing Tech University.
  • hhangsha University of Science and Technology.
  • Northwestern Polytechnic University.

There are also many other universities that do not require IELTS for admission. Atlas Study Consultants are acting as representatives of most universities. Therefore, we provide all kinds of support to get admission and scholarship in China without IELTS.

Bank statement for study in China -

Popular study-destination countries and their universities require bank-statement as mandatory. But China requires nothing. Students don’t need to deposit money into their account or show a bank statement as a document of financial support. Atlas Study Consultants provides assistance and advice to students on bank statements and finanial matters.

Choose China for quality education -

China has become one of the fastest growing major economies in the world, with GDP growth rates ranging from 7% to 8% per year in recent years. As with the economy,

China has embarked on an unprecedented expansion and modernization of its education system and is reaping the benefits.

Meanwhile, Chinese universities have earned a reputation for excellence in international arenas and are ranked among the top universities in the world. Quality education facilities, improved job opportunities make students from around the world interested in pursuing their higher education in China. Although there are numerous universities in China, international students generally prefer top-ranked universities due to their reputation and excellent international programs. The high demand for higher education and career opportunities in China means that there is always a position in the job market for qualified Chinese professionals.

Rankings clearly show that Chinese universities are among the top in the world. Chinese universities are among the top universities worldwide and some of the top-ranked universities in the US, UK are not even featured.

Affordable tuition fee in china -

Compared to institutions in countries like the UK, Australia and Canada, where higher education costs anywhere from $10,000 to $16,000 a year, China's top universities are relatively cheap. A full-time and full-tuition paying program at a top-ranked Chinese institution will cost $4,000 to $7,000 a year.

China's top universities offer students world-class education with excellent facilities and student services. International students who studied in China can achieve good academic results and co-curricular achievements. These institutions produce students with outstanding business, public service and science credentials, among other qualifications.

Low cost of living expense in China -

International students choose China because of the low cost of living. Around $300 is a good amount to budget for a month's living expenses that students can cover accommodation, food and transportation costs. With this amount, a student can stay in the residence halls, enjoy Chinese and international cuisine, travel around the city on the fastest metro and city buses. A student can enjoy a student pass for public transportation for only $15/month.

China is the country of megacities -

There are about 15 megacities in China, all of which can be called dynamic! Beijing and Shanghai have long been considered the best cities for students to live in. The Hangzhou megacity is home to all the world's most beautiful lakes. There is an opportunity to meet the ancient inhabitants of China in Kunming. And all the huge buildings

of Shanghai are shocking again and again.

Opportunity to learn about martial arts and traditional medicine in China -

China is the best option for a student who wants to learn martial arts or has an interest in traditional medicine. In addition to studies, training in these subjects can be taken in China. There are only hundreds of degrees in martial arts or traditional medicine in China.

An opportunity to explore the stages of Chinese civilization -

In the evolution of time, China has reached its present position through many stages of civilization. The story of the formation and growth of this civilization is woven into every layer of China. Along with studying in China, traveling to all the famous sightseeing places in China will tell the story of the growth of Chinese civilization and also give a student a broad understanding of other civilizations in the world. Knowing about China's 5000-year-old civilization can provide a clear understanding of many details of human evolution. So studying in China can be a golden opportunity.

From the Olympic Bird's Nest in Beijing to the Forbidden City or the Great Wall or the Terracotta Army, China will amaze students countless times.

Opportunities to learn Mandarin -

Chinese Mandarin is spoken by the highest number of people in the world. Learning the language in which 1.4 billion people, including Chinese, express themselves can be a great achievement.

If one wins the challenge of learning Mandarin, almost every career door in China will be opened to him. No other country can offer such a wide range of career opportunities.

The Chinese government invests heavily in students -

Financial support is very important and the most important thing to keep in mind while studying abroad. In this respect, China gives students the opportunity to be quite worry-free. There are many funding opportunities in China. In terms of numbers, there are more than 40,000 scholarships in more than three hundred institutions in China. More than 50 percent of international students study in China on scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunities in China 

In recent years, the Chinese government has launched large scholarship schemes, mainly for international students. It has successfully attracted a large number of students,

especially students from developing countries. Studying in China is the best opportunity for students who cannot afford tuition fees. A large number of scholarships from the university level provided by the Chinese government have expanded the opportunity to obtain a degree without tuition fees. Many scholarships cover living expenses in addition to tuition fees. This means if a student has talent and academic excellence, a student does not need money to study in China. Some chinese scholarship are -

• CSC Scholarships – Chinese Government Scholarships.

CSC scholarships are one of the most prestigious scholarships for international students. Given by the Chinese Grant Committee, this sort of government grant could be a activity of the Chinese Service of Instruction to advance instruction, social 

trade understanding between other countries and China. CSC scholarships can be partially or full-funded.

• Chinese Embassy Scholarships.

This is the Chinese Scholarship Council scholarship (Type A) which is handled by embassies all around the world.

• Chinese University Scholarships

Maximum universities in China offer scholarships for international students. These scholarships can cover students tuition fees, as well as the cost of accommodation

• MBA Program Scholarships.

There are 11 total MBA's with dozens of scholarship opportunities for international students.

• Confucius Institute Scholarships

The Confucius Institute Scholarships is a type of Chinese Government Scholarship. Students can apply for the Confucius Institute Scholarships by applying to the university and the Confucius Institute website at the same time

• City scholarships :

→ Shanghai Government Scholarship – Class (A & B).

→ Zhejiang Province Government Scholarship.

→ Yiwu Government Scholarship.

→ Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship.

→ Ningbo Government Scholarship.

→ Hangzhou Government Scholarship.

→ Liaoning Government Scholarship.

→ Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship.

→ Chongqing Municipal Government Scholarship.

→ Nanjing Government Scholarship.

→ Jilin Provincial Government Scholarship.

→ Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship.

→ Beijing Government Scholarship.

→ Guangxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN Students.

→ Heilongjiang Government Scholarship for International Students.

→ Jiangxi Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students.

→ Shndong Government Scholarship.

→ Hubei Provincial Scholarships.

→ Sichuan Provincial Government Scholarship.

→ Tianjin Government Scholarship.

→ Fujian Government Scholarship.

→ Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government Scholarships for Neighboring Countries.

→ Henan Provincial Government Scholarship.

• China Campus Network (CCN) Scholarships.

China Campus Network (CCN)  is a consortium of Chinese universities. They are provide an global basis application in Chinese language. After taking the program students can get a scholarship to study bachelor’s in chinese.

• Beijing Language and Culture College (BLCC) Scholarships.

Beijing Language and Culture College (BLCC)  has a similar scholarship at Tianjin University.

• Private Scholarships.

These types of scholarships are offered by distinguished alumni, big companies and charitable institutions in China. Private scholarships can cover the full or partial tuition fee and are usually awarded to international students who have an exemplary academic record.

Job opportunities in China for international students -

Hundreds of Chinese multinationals ranked among the top

2000 companies worldwide. Besides, China has become the production house of several top multinational companies in the world. So after completing the studies, international students find opportunities to start their career in the best companies worldwide.

The Chinese government recently allowed international students to work part-time. As a result, students can work part time along with their studies and their earning opportunities have increased.

Atlas Study Consultants provides full assistance to students in finding employment during their studies and after completing their studies.

Start business in China -

China is known globally as the most business-friendly country. First, reaching global customers or clients is comparatively much easier than in China. Second, raw materials for almost all known products are readily available in China, with low production and labor costs. More importantly, the Chinese government provides flexible business rules and bank loans to international graduates from China. Students who study or complete their studies in China will find an easy and accessible way to develop themselves as entrepreneurs.

Get Visa Easily for study in China 

Unlike many countries in the world, China shows a welcoming attitude to international students applying for visa. China constantly offers visas to college students except it unearths duplicity many of the applicants. 

Therefore, students might not lose heir money by applying for a Chinese student visa.

In the global Covid-19 situation, the issue of visas to China has been stopped, but it is already being started. Atlas Study Consultants provides assistance and advice in all matters related to an international student visa.

To keep ahead of the challenge, we need to grow with China -

If one is adventurous then China can be the best option. A student who grows up with the challenge of Mandarin and a hard work routine can become China's "The Next Big Thing!" There are countless stories of going beyond ordinary thinking or decisions to become extraordinary.

Atlas Study Consultants supports an international student from start to finish to stand out from the crowd by studying in China.

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