Chances of getting a Canadian student visa -

According to Canada's Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Council IRCC(EDW), India has the highest visa success rate in South Asia, but Bangladesh's percentage of visas is not at all low but quite enviable. As a percentage, more than half of the 100 applicants get visas, which is the second highest among South Asian countries.

Why go for higher education in Canada 2022 ?

Canada is the most attractive country for Bangladeshi children for higher education. In this regard, after Canada, Australia and America are considered as dream countries for Bangladeshi students, but Canada is a great possibility for the whole world including Bangladesh, especially for those who want to immigrate to a specific country after their studies. Canada has a great demand for higher education for international quality education, part-time work opportunities for study as well as opportunities to immigrate within a short period of time after graduation. Canada is a great opportunity for students from all over the world including China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria.

Part time job opportunities for Canadian student visa holder students 2022 -

There are part-time job opportunities for students in Canada. A student can work 20 hours a week. Students can do various part-time jobs including teaching assistant, salesman, food catering, research assistant, computer work. Besides, there is a 3-year work visa for international students after completing their studies.

Study procedures in Canada for Bangladeshis 2022 -

Universities in Canada there are two levels of study –

• Bachelor

• Master and Ph.D.

Universities in Canada has three semesters in a year –

• Fall (September-December): Generally all students are admitted in this semester. The admission application period varies by university ; June for Bachelors and March-April for Masters and Ph.D.

• Winter (January-April): Many universities enroll students in the Bachelor. The admission period is between August-September.

• Summer (May-August): While most of the Bachelor's students are on vacation in this semester. Masters and PhD students are busy with research and other work.

Study opportunities in Canada include:

Accounting, Architecture, Business, Economics, Engineering, English, Information Technology, Law, Media & Journalism, Pharmacy, Public Health, Social Science and many more subjects.

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Scholarships available in Canada –

Various public and private institutions offer scholarships to students interested in studying in Canada. Scholarships are awarded based on the student's academic results. But for those who want to take the scholarship from the beginning, they should have good scores in TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT etc. The Government of Canada offers a scholarship called the International Scholarship Program for international students. Apart from this, various types of scholarship programs including Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation, Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program are in operation. Scholarship details are also available on Canadian universities websites.

The names of some Canadian universities are –

University of British Columbia

• University of Alberta

• McMaster University

• University of Regina- Regina, Saskatchewan.

• Mount Allison University.

• Royal Roads University

• University of Prince Edward Island.

• University of Waterloo.

• Simon Fraser University.

• McGill University.

• University of Manitoba.

Canadian Culture:

Students from different countries and cultures come here to study. It is important to have the mindset to adapt to different cultures.

Eligibility required for bangladeshi students admission to Canada 2022 –

• Educational Qualification:

At least 12 years of educational qualification is required for admission at bachelor or undergraduate level. Masters or Graduate degree requires at least 16 years of educational qualification i.e. a 4-year Bachelor's degree from Bangladesh will qualify anyone to apply for Masters, although in many cases a Master's degree from Bangladesh may be required in addition to outstanding academic qualifications for admission to top Canadian universities.

• Bangladeshi students to study in Canada TOEFL or IELTS score :

While English language institutions require TOEFL or IELTS scores as linguistic qualifications, GMAT and GRE are mandatory in the field (for admission to top universities). Of

course, even if there is no TOEFL or IELTS score, almost all institutions can qualify students for a conditional acceptance letter or admission, but in this case, the condition is that before starting the main course, ESL (English Second Language) basic course must be taken to master the English language. Many educational institutions do not require IELTS and TOEFL if they have an MOU with the institution of previous study or in general.

Tuition Fees in Canadian Institutions for Bangladeshis :

Tuition fees are not the same for all universities in Canada. Tuition fees also vary by region and program of study. International students have higher tuition fees than local students. For undergraduate students, the cost will be 12 to 20 thousand Canadian dollars.

Medium of education for Bangladeshi Students in Canada :

Canada has two language institutions for higher education — English and French. However, students from Bangladesh mainly go to study in English as a medium of higher education and the number of students who choose French as a medium of study is negligible. An international student can study either English or French, especially many African students choose French as the medium of study.

Benefits of credit transfer from Bangladesh:

There are credit transfer facilities from Bangladesh to various universities in Canada. In addition, credits can be transferred from one university to another in Canada. Credit transfer is mainly done at the graduate and undergraduate level.

General information about Canadian student visa from Bangladesh -

Study permits and visas :

Important piece of paper need before arrive in Canada as an international student is a study permit.

• The student cannot change his/her status to any other visa while on study permit in Canada.

• Studentship can be revoked if a student drops out and usually misses five to six classes. In that case, the study permit will then be canceled and he will have to leave Canada.

• If the duration of the course is four years then the duration of the study permit will also be four years.

• First apply for a Canadian study permit online at Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC) website. Then apply offline by contacting the nearest Canadian Embassy.

• Required documents for Study permit in Canada –

An offer letter from a university approved by the Government of Canada, Proof of sufficient financial resources to cover the full cost of living in Canada, Medical report as proof of health, documents about undertaking not to engage in any terrorist activities while in Canada.

• Cannot live in Canada with a study permit. To travel and live in Canada, apply for a temporary resident visa or a visa called an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

• The cost to apply for a study permit is 150 Canadian dollars

• After applying for study permit, biometric information ie fingerprint and photo should be sent from the nearest visa application center. For this it can cost like 14000 to 17000 rupees.

• Within 30 days of application, you will be informed by letter or mail whether biometric information will be required.

• The immigration office may call for an interview.

•  If the application form is accepted, they will send a confirmation letter. This confirmation letter must be shown to the immigration office upon arrival in Canada.

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